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Simply about machine learning techniques for domain experts
Fuel and Energy
Fuel and Energy
Who we are and what for?
A team of experts in machine learning and programming. We have teamed up to create a product that removes barriers to machine learning methods application by experts who are well versed in their profession, but not in data science details.

The universal analytical WDC.Platform is designed for domain experts who need the power of machine learning techniques to solve their industry challenges. The Platform is powered by an open source big data engine and is ready to serve you.
Want to become part of the team?
Values & Corporate Culture
The company employees are people with different values and outlooks. Diversity is a major factor in sustainability.
Vertical and horizontal lifts
Opportunity to do exactly what you are interested in, moving up or horizontally.
We invest in employees potential development
We pay 50% of the training.
Maintaining the salary level during the retraining
Maintaining the same salary level in the process of retraining.
Personal brand development
The company is first of all people, therefore we help to develop a personal brand as much as possible.
Projects support
Creating your own machine learning project is encouraged and supported.
The universal analytical platform for collecting, storing and visualizing big data to solve your business challenges.

We do not associate ourselves with:
Another Hadoop distribution or a collection of open source IT software
A database specialized in a particular type of information
Proprietary Cloud Software
*Images are taken from public sources and are not official companies logos. Are demonstrated not for advertising or anti-advertising purposes, but to indicate product classes with which we do not associate ourselves.
Focusing on solving industry issues, not IT
  • A minimalist and fully integrated system based on the best open source products
  • A simple language for application of big data power and machine learning methods without the help of IT or professional mathematicians
  • A constantly evolving open library (NeuroLib) of practices for applying modern machine learning methods to solve problems in various subject areas
  • Easily optimized for specific information Data Lake
  • Community of experts in different subject areas using our language
  • A training center that provides domain experts retraining to digitalization experts in various industries
Our Commercial & Open Source Products
Capacity Management
Accurate and reasoned cost planning for maintaining the quality of IT infrastructure in scaling inability conditions. It is calculated on the organization's business history and current business plans basis.
Analytical cloud-based WDC.Platform powered by big data engine with open source code and simplified modeling language SMaLL for your machine learning projects.
IoT devices collect physiological data from a person, on its basis, the potential capabilities of the body are determined. The effectiveness and safety of physical activity for a particular user is evaluated depending on the goals. B2B and B2C solutions.
An open set of tools for editorial and freelance journalists, which is designed to make the process of creating content as comfortable and fast as possible.
Business Process Mining
Increasing the maturity of the organization's processes by reconstructing their actual course and work scenarios for specific employees based on digital traces left in information systems.
Accidents Forecast
Optimization of costs for maintaining the operational readiness of complex technical systems by predicting trouble-free operation and dynamic calculation of system reliability, considering changes in external conditions.
Product for migration from Splunk. Does not require retraining of employees who know SPL, since the WDC.Platform query language (OTL) is backward compatible with SPL.
Costs cross cutting optimization system in oil extraction industry. Production, treatment and transportation costs optimization in modernization restriction conditions. 
Team Experience
Our team experts have participated in large projects with large customers


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